Your nonprofit deserves digital marketing that attracts donors, engages partners, and helps you reach program goals.

Online Solutions For Growing Nonprofits

Small and medium nonprofits need branding, websites, search engine optimization, advertising and Ad Grant management, and social media strategy

For Executive Directors and Marketing Leaders who have goals to achieve this year, making the most of online marketing make achieving goals easier. Donors and beneficiaries are using social media. Partners, sponsors, and the community use your website. Google and Apple are integral to being found. We take the complexity out of our nonprofit digital marketing.

Product/Service Summary

Early stage nonprofits need a basic online presence while mature nonprofits need to activate and drive donor revenue with marketing campaigns. Our team provides a suite of online marketing services that support your marketing needs during your entire journey so you can focus on your impact.

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Founders Start Website Design For Nonprofits
June 2014

First 25 Nonprofit Clients
January 2017

Google Ad-Grant & Advertising Service Launch
June 2018

SEO For Nonprofits Service Launch
January 2019

Fundraising Strategy Team Built
May 2020

Launched Our New Name: Butterflyly
June 2020


The world changed in March of 2020 and never before has online marketing been more important for nonprofits. Many organizations are stuck or wish they had clear guidance on:

  • Online donor activation

  • Community awareness

  • Participant and benifitiary engagement

  • Event attendence and eCommerce


You deserve a nonprofit marketing team that understands your needs. We focus specifically on nonprofits, it’s our niche. So the quality and level of service we provide is unparalleled. We offer:

  • Nonprofit marketing strategy
  • Branding and logo design
  • Marketing automation
  • Website design, development, maintenance, and security
  • Local search SEO
  • Social media strategy

Marketing Goals

Your cause needs you to be found by donors, partners, sponsors, customers, volunteers, and beneficiaries. Online is a great way to achieve these goals. Get it right the first time by working with a team that is focused specifically on nonprofits.

  • Donor Acquisition
  • Donor Engagement
  • Monthly Giving Growth
  • Legacy Giving
  • Information and Coordination
  • Volunteer Recruitment
  • Community Awareness
  • Event Promotion


Is Website Design Important?

Website design for nonprofits can be difficult due to the large number of target audiences. Messaging, look, feel, and function are all important to the effectiveness of your nonprofit website.  Our team knows how to balancing these needs and help you convert visitors.

    Do Nonprofits Need SEO?

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a critical tool for nonprofits with one or more physical locations. Helping people find business locations is just as critical for nonprofits as for-profits and our plans are specific to the unique needs of nonprofit SEO.

      Is Nonprofit Marketing Expensive?

      Not when you have a marketing partner who understands your goals and can advise on the best online or marketing tools to help you reach your goals. Understanding the goal, making a plan, and delivering on what is most important is what we focus on with all our clients.

        Can You Help Us Long Term?

        Yes, all our packages and projects are designed to get your organizations’ strategic goals lined up with its marketing and to support you for years to come. 

          Founding Team

          Jeff Kelly

          Jeff is a Corporate High-Technology expat, board member at the Renton Downtown Partnership, advises the City of Renton Lodging Tax Committee, and directs fundraising strategy and operations at Butterflyly. Jeff also served as a Scoutmaster with the Boy Scouts of America.

          Jessica Kelly

          Jessica spent her early-career-years leading operations at CAST For Kids Foundation before transitioning to event and business operations with Butterflyly. Jessica is on the board of the Renton Historical Society and a leader with the Boy Scouts of America.

          Butterflyly is a member of Pledge 1%. We believe that a healthy Earth is great for people, families, communities, and business. Therefor, we pledge 1% of annual revenue each year to nonprofits and NGOs that focus on improving our environment. Further, we pledge to offset at least 300% of carbon emissions from Butterflyly operations as well as the marketing emissions and fundraising strategy that we manage for clients. That means your services are 300% offset.

          Marketing Price Sheet

          Website Services

          • Website Builder: $50-150 / month
          • WordPress Hosting: $40-$60 / month
          • Hosting Transfer & Email Fix: $250
          • WordPress Health & Security: $100-150 / month
          • Custom WordPress Website: $7500+
          • Custom Shopify Website: $5000+

          Search Engine Optimization

          • Local Search & Citations: $50-$250 / month
          • Website / Business SEO: $500-$3000 / month
          • Review Management: $50-$250 / month
          • Website Content Package: $2000 per hub
          • HARO Outreach: $750 per month
          • Custom content and graphic design available


          • Google Ad Grant Setup: $500
          • Google Ad Grant Management: $500 / month
          • Google PPC Ads: $250-$1000 per month
          • YouTube, Mobile App Ads: $250-$1000 / month
          • Facebook Ads: $250-$1000 per month

          Social Media

          • Social Strategy: $5000
          • Content & Outreach: $500-$2000 per month


          • Digital Marketing Strategy: $5000-$10,000
          • Social Media Strategy: $5000
          • Hourly Strategy Consulting: $250 per hour

          For current pricing please contact us to discuss your objectives and we can recommend solutions.

          Video production, email marketing, public relations, and Chief Marketing Officer services are also available.

          We Focus On Nonprofits

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