Your nonprofit deserves fundraising strategy that activates, attracts, and grows donor relationships with the latest online techniques.

Fundraising Plans That Grow Impact

Small and medium nonprofit Executive Directors and Development Directors can transform their organizations’ impact with revenue-generating fundraising strategy.

For Development Directors who need a strategy that grows revenue, increases donor count, and builds lasting relationships, our annual strategy programs allow you to exceed fundraising goals. Unlike the big fundraising firms we are an agile, nimble team that helps you build achievable strategy that can be leveraged for years to come.

Product/Service Summary

Fundraising strategy is typically built one time then improved and executed year after year. We help your nonprofit build and execute great strategy so that you can reach your revenue and donor goals and make a bigger impact on the world.

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Founders Start Website Design For Nonprofits
June 2014

First 25 Nonprofit Clients
January 2017

Google Ad-Grant & Advertising Service Launch
June 2018

SEO For Nonprofits Service Launch
January 2019

Fundraising Strategy Team Built
May 2020

Launched Our New Name: Butterflyly
June 2020


Since March of 2020 successful fundraising strategies have changed. Many organizations are stuck or wish they had clear guidance on:

  • Online Fundraising

  • Hybrid Events

  • Attracting and Retaining Donors Online

  • Promoting Monthly Giving


You deserve great fundraising strategy and we bring a unique approach that wraps you in revenue success with:

  • The fundraising strategy pro club

  • Up to date techniques and expertise based on what is working now

  • Event and annual development packages

  • A national network of referral partners
  • Decades of nonprofit experience

Funding Goals

Your nonprofit is looking to distribute revenue across multiple fundraising revenue streams while growing donors and donor value.

  • Event Fundraisers (i.e. Galas, Luncheons)
  • Sponsorships
  • Program Revenue
  • Grants & Foundations
  • Government Programs
  • Partnerships


What Does Fundraising Strategy Cost?

Since all nonprofits are at a different stage of growth and development the cost is specific to the exact scope and outcomes we’re working towards. Typical cost:

  • Annual Strategy: $7500 to $12500
  • Campaign strategy: $5000
  • Event Strategy: $2500
  • Donor Marketing Strategy: $4000

    How Long Does Strategy Development Take?

    A typical event strategy is ready to go within 4 weeks. Annual or 3-year strategies typically need 4-8 weeks to develop. The biggest factor in schedule is availability of the nonprofit leadership team and board.

      Will The Strategy Work?

      Every strategy we develop is custom to the nonprofit we’re working to grow and we collaborate with you and your team to develop the strategy. So we know it will be meaningful and achievable, because we build it that way.

        Can You Help Us Deliver?

        Yes, we offer ongoing fundraising support through our monthly packages. You and your team can access our expertise and client community year round. Our top packages include facilitating your annual-strategy improvement effort.

          Our Clients

          Founding Team

          Jeff Kelly

          Jeff is a Corporate High-Technology expat, board member at the Renton Downtown Partnership, advises the City of Renton Lodging Tax Committee, and directs fundraising strategy and operations at Butterflyly. Jeff also served as a Scoutmaster with the Boy Scouts of America.

          Jessica Kelly

          Jessica spent her early-career-years leading operations at CAST For Kids Foundation before transitioning to event and business operations with Butterflyly. Jessica is on the board of the Renton Historical Society and a leader with the Boy Scouts of America.

          Butterflyly is a member of Pledge 1%. We believe that a healthy Earth is great for people, families, communities, and business. Therefor, we pledge 1% of annual revenue each year to nonprofits and NGOs that focus on improving our environment. Further, we pledge to offset at least 300% of carbon emissions from Butterflyly operations as well as the marketing emissions and fundraising strategy that we manage for clients. That means your services are 300% offset.

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