Non-Profit Website Design Services in Seattle, WA

What We Do

  • Online marketing success lies in the cross-section of creativity and technology. We’re experts in both.
  • We collaborate with your team to build your non-profit website that will engage donors and participants with clear, consistent, and effective storytelling. This will help you foster donor acquisition and growth, inspiring them to boost their involvement and give more every year.

How We Do It

  • We are the only team that provides outstanding client experiences to help build your non-profit website design services in Seattle WA. The insights gained from each help us create effective online marketing, social, and peer-to-peer campaigns.
  • Together, we can help you develop impactful relationships with your donors much faster than our competitors.

Non-Profit Website Design Services

Whether you’re a tiny nonprofit that just needs a website or an 8-figure revenue-wielding juggernaut with multiple physical locations and points of service, we’re here to meet your needs. Here’s how:


Create well-designed websites with the functionality and capabilities you need, including routine maintenance, security, and health checks.

Social Media Content & Strategy

Convert leads into donors with omnichannel strategies and emotionally-hooking content designed to increase click-through rates.

Google Ad Grant Management and Google Advertising

Generate results-focused, search and display advertising that monitors the success of your Google ads and draws in additional website visitors.

Local Search and Website SEO

Deliver quality content that your donors, sponsors, and partners are looking for, and search engines reward.

Digital Marketing for Nonprofits

When you can build an engaging non-profit website, your potential donors will be proud to work with you. It doesn’t matter if you're interacting with them in-person or online, donors want to leave their mark. We provide the vehicle to get there with our non-profit website design services.

Digital Marketing Services & Cost

Website Services

  • Website Builder: $50-200 / month
  • WordPress Hosting: $50-$250 / month
  • WordPress Health & Security: $150 / month
  • Custom WordPress Website: $7500
  • Custom Shopify Website: $6000

Search Engine Optimization

  • Local Search SEO: $100-$300 / month
  • Website SEO: $500-$3000 / month
  • Website Content Package: $2000 per hub
  • Monthly Blogging + Social + Email: $1000 to $2000 / month 


  • Google Ad Grant Management: $500-$1000 / month
  • Google PPC Ads: $250-$750 / month
  • YouTube, Mobile App Ads: $250-$1000 / month
  • Facebook Ads: $250-$1000 / month
  • IP Targeting Ads: $500 / month

Social Media & Strategy

  • Social Media Plan: $750
  • Social Content & Outrach: $750-$1250 / month
  • Social Media Strategy: $5000
  • Hourly Strategy Consulting: $250 per hour

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