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fundraising for nonprofits near Seattle, WA

What We Do

  • We are the only team that provides both fundraising strategy and digital marketing for nonprofits.
  • We apply proven, innovative fundraising for nonprofit strategies and tailor them to elevate your causes and strengthen your nonprofit’s programs. Together, we can execute winning online fundraising strategies and foster meaningful donor relationships throughout the Seattle WA area.
fundraising for nonprofits near Seattle, WA

How We Do It

  • We collaborate with your existing leadership and development team to forge impactful nonprofit fundraising campaign strategies. We start by understanding your Seattle donors, mission and goals, and identify your available resources. From there, our collaboration sessions in Seattle WA help you develop your approach, schedule, events, budget, and more. We then finalize our strategy, and schedule follow-up sessions to track your progress, provide additional resources, and enhance your performance.


Many nonprofits in Seattle focus on bringing people into the room to raise money. When that room is taken away, the relationship between the nonprofit and its donors has to change. Here’s how we can help:

nonprofit fundraising near Seattle, WA

Annual Fundraising Strategies

Create donor personas, relationship development plans, improve your messaging framework, methods, tools, and help organize multiple events or programs during a 12-month cycle.

nonprofit fundraising near Seattle, WA

Campaign or Event Strategies

Develop online or hybrid fundraising for nonprofit event strategies intended for new campaigns and transitions gala from in-person to online to raise $100k or more.

nonprofit fundraising near Seattle, WA

Online and Hybrid Events

Incorporate fundraising components that reward donors, sponsors, partners, and become a focus of celebration for your community at large.

nonprofit fundraising near Seattle, WA

Sponsor and Donor Activation

Foster past donor and sponsor involvement to increase participation and revenue, while also supporting and expanding your network.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach for building real, long-lasting relationships with donors. You deserve a fundraising strategy that allows you to create the impact your donors are looking for. If you truly believe in what you do and what your nonprofit is capable of, let’s create a nonprofit fundraising strategy that transforms the world.

What Does Fundraising Strategy Cost in SEattle Wa?

Since all nonprofits are at a different stage of growth and development the cost is specific to the exact scope and outcomes we’re working towards. Typical cost:

Annual Strategy

$7500 to $12500

Campaign Strategy


Event Strategy


Donor Marketing Strategy


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