7 of the Best Nonprofit Websites for Your Inspiration


by Butterflyly Support Team



And Why We Like Them

The best nonprofit websites convey their, galvanize readers to give, and make donating easy.

Accomplishing these three tasks is easy in theory, but hard to execute. You need well-crafted words and compelling visuals that strike your readers’ emotional core. 

After digesting your organization’s mission and the urgency that drives you, your readers should:

  • Be inspired to donate,
  • Engage with you, and 
  • Be compelled to share your cause with their followers. 

Here are 7 websites we feel do exactly that:

Nashville Zoo Balances Fun with Conservation

Nashville Zoo’s website immediately draws you in with their compelling visuals, whether it’s their night visions exhibit or animatronic dinosaurs, which promise a “roaring good time.” 

Once you go beyond the main images, you’re quickly introduced to their simple, yet compelling message about conservation. 

It reads: “Nashville Zoo is tons of fun and a great place to see fascinating animals… but there is also a lot of serious conservation work happening here. Our experienced staff is actively involved in research, habitat protection, breeding programs, and education initiatives…” 

From there, you’re invited to learn about their conservation efforts and donate to the cause. 

Possible Envisions a Better World

Possible’s vision of healthcare for all is simple. They believe that “everyone, from the foothills of the Himalayas to the streets of New York City, deserves high-quality healthcare.” This message is paired with a series of images of Nepalese people smiling, happy, and going about their everyday lives.

Possible balance optimism with pragmatism in its copy. The nonprofit organization believes in “institutionalizing evidence, equity, and inclusion in its structures, policies, and work,” then explains how this is possible (pun intended). Words like “equity and inclusion” can inspire anyone from anywhere in the world, and high-quality healthcare is something that all of us can get behind. Also, their “donate” buttons are impossible to miss. They’re large, rectangular, and bright pink.

This Saves Lives Marries Food and Unity

This Saves Lives website masters the art of hooking the reader. Above the page fold are three simple, bold words: “We eat together.” Then they explain that they are “a food company on a mission to end severe acute malnutrition.” These words are paired with several bowls of food that are simple, but impactful. Right away, the reader will want to know more about severe acute malnutrition and how they can help prevent it. 

When you scroll down, you learn that their food is “ridiculously delicious,” “wholeness,” and “for the whole family.” The rest of the images are of smiling families and tasty looking products. 

United Way Wants Us to “Live United”

Despite being a global and ambitious nonprofit, United Way’s website is clean and easy to navigate. On mobile, United Way’s top two buttons are “donate” and “action” to live united. Right below their hero image (which as of this post is blue and yellow for Ukraine), United Way highlights its global impact and “what’ we’re fighting for.”

Their mission statement is broad and compelling: “United Way advances the common good in communities across the world. Our focus is on education, income, and health—the building blocks for a good quality of life.”

Upstream Wants to “Do More, Together”

Similar to United Way, Upstream’s top two buttons encourage people to “sponsor” or “donate.” The font of the above the fold text, “doing more, together” is friendly and uplifting, and pairs well with the image of a child smiling while working at his school desk. 

From there, you can either watch a video that introduces you to Upstream, or scroll down to read their vision and mission statements: “Upstream believes in empowering and equipping local leaders. Because of this, we help people who are helping people. Upstream’s impact is greatest when we work as ONE.”

After, you’re invited to check out all the ways you can make an impact.

The Nature Conservancy Endures Earth

The design of the Nature Conservancy is simple, yet brilliant. The colors are primarily black and white, with green links and calls to action. Most images are in earth tones, keeping with the theme of nature. 

The copy is concise and well-crafted. The Nature Conservancy tells us what the current goal is, and wants “a future where people and nature thrive.” Their navigation is also really simple. You’re immediately invited to discover “who we are,” “what we do,” “how to help” and “donate to our mission.”

Dress for Success Promote Female Empowerment

Dress for Success features a carousel of women looking and feeling confident in their business attire. Each image features a testimonial from that woman and an invitation to read their story. Above each of their quotes are the words, “We economically empower women across the globe.” Before having to scroll any further, you know what Dress for Success does, how it makes you feel, and the impact organization has had on women’s lives. 

The rest of the site is just as impressive. It features well-dressed, confident women all throughout, while the nonprofit organization effortlessly conveys its impact in numbers and words. The website is also as clean as they come. 

Final Thoughts: The Best Nonprofit Websites

The best nonprofit websites seamlessly connect their visitors and their message. However, effectively connecting volunteers, participants, and donors to your organization can be hard. If you need a website that’s as impactful as your nonprofit, send us a message.


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