Throwing a virtual fundraising event may sound daunting, but it comes with many enjoyable benefits. They’ll remain a staple in our new normal, and for many good reasons. Here are just a few of them. Virtual fundraisers:

Have a Larger Reach

In-person fundraisers usually require their donors to be physically present. Since it’s unlikely that guests will travel beyond a reasonable driving distance to attend your event, your audience is limited by your geographical location. 

However, virtual fundraisers can be held and attended from the comfort of people’s homes. Instead of having to be within a twenty or thirty minute drive, they can be attended by anyone from around the world 

Attract a Younger Audience

Younger supporters may not have as much to give as baby boomers and Gen X do, but they frequently donate smaller amounts across multiple different organizations. Since 2018, millenials have made up the largest demographic of givers

Millennials and Gen Z respond best to social media and text messaging campaigns. They are also most likely to donate via mobile as opposed to in person. By hosting live stream events and campaigns, younger generations will be more inclined to donate to your cause. 

Save You Money

Hosting an in-person event isn’t cheap. You’ve got to spend money on:

  • The venue
  • Tables and chairs
  • Thematic paraphernalia 
  • Technical equipment
  • Signage
  • Catering
  • Additional staff (valets, event coordinators, etc.) 

Virtual fundraisers don’t require any of these costs (except for technical equipment). Instead of spending money on an event space and everything that one requires, you can use put it towards your digital marketing budget instead. 

Let You Get More Creative

In our post about newer fundraising ideas to try, we covered a few unique ideas specific to virtual fundraising. You can hold a digital scavenger hunt, a virtual silent auction, and so much more! Don’t let your inability to inactive in person stifle your creativity. Most events that can be thrown in person can be translated into a virtual space .

Make Data Collection Easier

When it comes to data management, collecting vital information online is much easier than getting it in person. When someone is signing up for an event or is donating to your cause, you can create a simple form that asks for your name and email address. You can ask for a little more information, but you keep your form brief. The more you require someone to fill in, the more likely you risk them not filling it out at all. 

Once you have this data, can you automate your emails, thanks yous, tax information, and more. 

Host Livestreaming Events or Ongoing Campaigns

Virtual fundraisers fall into two categories: livestreaming events and campaigns. 

Livestreaming events give you the physical feel of an event in a virtual space. Livestreaming events are a great way to engage your audience and encourage them to play a role in the action by donating to the cause. They’re in the moment, real time action provides your donors with a sense of urgency to give. Once the event is over, the fundraiser usually is, too. 

Campaigns are time-limited fundraisers, which are perfect for crowdfunding, peer-to-peer fundraising, and DIY events, to name a few. These are usually hosted on a landing page or via social media. 

One of the best things about hosting a virtual fundraiser is that, if you’d like, you can combine aspects of both campaigning and livestreaming to put on a really awesome event. 

Require Tech Savvyness, But Fewer Event Logistics

Unlike physical events, virtual fundraisers do require a degree of technical skill. However, there are plenty of DIY YouTube videos out there like this one that are easy to follow. You can also reach out to us. We’re happy to help!

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